The Eleven principles of Transformation™ Level II

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In this training the participants will gain knowledge on how to facilitate support groups through specific techniques and expanding skills acquired in LEVEL I seminar such as active listening, grief dimensions and expressions, empowerment, and transformation. A training manual will be provided which contains ideas on how to form support-transformational groups, how to market them, how to elicit participation and establish common and individual objectives. These groups will apply The Eleven Principles of Transformation™.

Ligia contributed to the creation of the first bereavement support group in her native country of Nicaragua, PUDE-an anagram for Personas Unidas en el Dolor y la Esperanza (People Joined by Pain and Hope). This group has implemented the Eleven Principles of Transformation™ system. The Eleven Principles of Transformation™ can be applied to any of these transitions:

  • Divorce,
  • Retirement,
  • Loss of a job,
  • Loss of health,
  • Loss of a pet, or
  • Loss of homeland

Time: 2 ½ days. Friday 6-9pm; Saturday and Sunday 9-4pm.

Cost: $297.00

*Training manual is included.


The Eleven principles of Transformation Level 2

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