Talking about Death. Confronting our Mortality

Death is a subject we generally avoid, still, it is the ultimate reality. As a thanatologist and educator, Ligia has great experience in teaching Death & Dying Courses for Florida International University and Kaplan University.

Because she knows the importance of learning about this subject matter, she offers it, at The Center, with the purpose of bringing more awareness to our ultimate reality. She explores the issue of dying consciously.

Each week will cover different aspects culminating with preparing ourselves to our final journey. It is an intense and meaningful experience.


  • Week 1 Death in the 21st Century
  • Week 2 Death, culture and religion
  • Week 3 Hospice, Ethics, and End of Life Issues
  • Week 4 Preparing Our Last Journey

Time: 12 hours-4 consecutive Thursdays (6-9pm).

Cost: $165.00

Each individual week of 3 hours: $50.00


Talking about Death. Confronting our Mortality

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