The Center for Transforming Lives


Ligia M. Houben   is the Founder of The Center for Transforming Lives, which is a Meditation Center located in Miami,  Florida

Her purpose in creating The Center is to provide a comfortable place where people embrace peace, joy, and relaxation. They can let go of their pain and problems, and transform their lives. It’s all about personal growth and transformation.

With This Purpose in Mind The Center Offers:

  • Meditation classes, to enhance relaxation and mindfulness. These are some of the topics: Spirituality; Mindfulness, Love, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Connecting with your Loved One.   NEW!  Guided meditation for Teens!
  • Consultation to individuals and families. Ligia specializes in life transitions, grief, loss  and personal growth. One of the techniques used by Ligia which helps to live a more enjoyable life is hypnosis. From age regression to stress management and insomnia, hypnosis offers an powerful tool to let go of limiting beliefs and live a more relaxed life.
  • Personal Growth and Loss Transformation Workshops and seminars.
  • Support and coaching groups to provide a space where sharing is safe and trans formative. The Eleven Principles of Transformation™ is the core of Ligia’s message and is applied in different groups:
  • Bereavement
  • Divorce or romantic breakup
  • Loss of Identity (Do you know who you are?)

The following are some of the workshops Ligia facilitates:

  • The Eleven Principles of Transformation™ (turning loss into growth) which is her unique program and can be applied to any loss.
  • Overcoming stress and anxiety
  • Happiness is a choice
  • Talking about death-Let’s have the conversation
  • The Afterlife Phenomena
  • Live with Meaning and Realize your Goals

Ligia M. Houben has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including CNN Español, NPR, NBC, and Univisión







The biggest limitations you have are the ones you have in your mind - Ligia Houben -